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Writing scientific papers is an obligation for final year students and usually a requirement to complete a study. To complete scientific paper we would need to do research to obtain data that can support the scientific paper. There are many ways to obtain data one of which by conducting a survey.

By using Questionare survey method we will be able to reach more samples. And now we will not be difficult to do the survey, because we can use a variety of online survey tools, certainly with an online survey we do not need to be exhausted to send the questionnaire to a sample address, or to visit them one by one, so that with the online survey we can save time and power.

Currently it’s available several online survey services whether paid or free, including google form (free), sogosurvey (service available both free and paid), surveymongkey (service available both free and paid), and many more.

You certainly no stranger to google form, one free powerful tool for survey but on the one hand it has some limitations.

If you wished for a powerful survey services without many restrictions then sogosurvey is the solution, sogosurvey an online-based survey services, the service is one of many services recommended in various academic forums, I also get this application from the recommendations in several online forums.

sogosuvey service is divided into four kinds: basic (free), plus ($ 12 / month), Pro ($ 40 / month), enterprise ($ 99 / month). As a student you certainly will not be taking services other than basic services unless you have more money.

The features on basic service are as follows:
All Basic Question Types
Branching / Skip Logic
Customize Look & Feel
Design and Deploy Multilingual Surveys
Insightful Real-Time Reports
Contact Management System
Publish Surveys via URL, Email, & Social Media
Ready-to-Use Surveys / Survey Bank
Smartphone-Compatible Surveys
Built-In Online Poll Application
Amazing 24/7 Email Support

However, basic services have limitations as follows:
You can only make 15 Surveys
You can only create 75 questionnaire
and the number of responses is limited to 200

If you feel the basic features offered by sogorsurvey not quite satisfactory for you, you do not have to worry because sogosurvey kindly provide free premium services for students. of course, with certain conditions.

What can we do with Sogosurvey?
>> Design a survey
>> Launch a survey
>> Run a report

>> Manage survey data

You can even export the data in a desired form it can be Excel, CSV, XML, SPSS, Access, Word, HTML and sogosurvey format.

Not only that, you can also import data from your laptop. So if you are a student and want to do an online-based survey, then sogosurvey is the solution, you will not be bothered anymore with data processing.

Let’s use sogosurvey for your research, for more info visit

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